Finetechnology Introduction

Finetechnology Co., Ltd.

Seo Young-ok
10, Eogokgongdan 1-gil, Yangsan-si, Gyeongsangnam-do, Korea, 626-220
Business Content
R&D and manufacture of the special tapes such as semiconductor, ceramic processing and surface protection in industrial usage.

Finetechnology who is a front runner of
industrial special tapes is opening up
“Different Tomorrow”

Right People who we look for

Respect and Communication

The talented shall achieve the goal of the organizations want to do through leading cooperations
by aggressive participation and basis of mutual respect between co-workers.

Challenge and Passion

The talented shall have passion for doing the given every tasks wholeheartedly and
determination to overcome adversity and carve his/her future.


The talented can create vitality and new changes in the organization without hesitation to accept something new.


The talented can solve problems as a specialist in respective area acquiring knowledge from constant learning
opportunities on their own, besides having different views with making themselves progress in many fields.